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A helpful fuck-ton of boob references.

Note that since this contains long images that are currently fuzzy (because tumblr just doesn’t want to display ‘em clearly), you gotta reverse-image search ‘em in google. Just because it’s a little extra work doesn’t mean you oughtn’t do it; the large image on the right is totally worth the effort for female anatomy, and the one of the left is also helpful with bra things. They’re all quite helpful.

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this is the greatest breaking bad video ever and it’s not even 10 seconds long


I know this is a TF2 blog, but I really need to ask. So to all my Soul Calibur playing followers out there what are your feelings about the character Pyrrha? I just recently bought SC5 and have loved the game especially the story mode I just kind of run into a wall when it comes to Pyrrha. In the…

Out of all the Alexandre Family (lore wise at least), she seems to be the one whom has the least amount of combat experience, so that may have been intentional.



the jig is up


fuck it

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don’t look if you don’t wanna know

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I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. People deserve social justice, alright? I’m just saying that if they are angry about how gays are treated or how women are treated, they can make a difference beyond being angry about it online. There are countries where gays are executed for being gay. There are countries where little girls are “circumcised” because they want to go to school.

We can make a difference with our collective might. We can be loud enough if we work together.

But as long as we’re fragmented across the face of the internet, we’re going to accomplish jack fucking shit. As long as we’re in-fighting, we’re going to accomplish nil. It’s like those feminists who attacked you. They’re not doing anything. They’re spitting on their own cause. They’re being mental and they’re letting hate get in the way of any difference they could make.

And 95% of the social justice crap I see? It’s fucking in-fighting. Because everyone wants to be equal, but more equal than others, or equal before others. Sometimes equal means to people “fuck the white man” or “fuck men” or “fuck people who are comfortable with their gender”. Not many people would even listen to me. I’m among those that get hated, because I’m comfortable with my penis, my skin is white, or I haven’t been raped. And were my skin black, were I a woman in a man’s body, were I raped, I’d be just as hated.

These social justice groups need to learn to transcend hatred. to understand the nature of hatred and to throw it away in the name of equality. Or weaponize it towards what actually deserves it.

My friend, “Argus” speaks on Social Justice.

And I can’t say that I disagree with him.

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Justin Timberlake makes an unlikely friend


ooh look bases

troll and human base c:

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